A New Way to Build and Present a Holistic Plan

Build Quality Plans Quickly

PlantechHub's innovative On-boarding & Data Management approach works seamlessly with your current Data Gathering Methods to create the clients Best Plan quickly and  confidently.

Truly Engage your Presentations

Easy-to-understand modules are not only designed to inform and educate, but interact and engage....freely iterating the complex when needed...always magnifying the value of your advice.

Implement Suggested Actions

Comfortably implement the actions you and your client agree upon within our unique Digital planning workflow, designed to track and record the planning experience as it happens.

What is Service-driven planning technology?

Service-Driven Modules


Navigation through the  planning process is compartmentalized by State of Service, not by Product.  The Results are a much more Intuitive and Engaging planning experience with Robust Planning Power.

Best-Interest Planning


Advisors can easily empower clients to test advisor suggestions; incrementally against each other, as well as against alternative strategies.   PTH promotes a Fiduciary environment that clients respond to.

Continuous Planning


A service-focused planning process treats a relationship as a never-ending workflow.  These features bolster expansion of  the planning experience, such as in Implementation and Monitoring. 



PlantechHub was built with unrivaled customization capabilities to complement your unique planning style.  We then Up your Service Game by making it super quick an easy to customize the experience for individual clients and prospects.  

Increasing ROI


Increasing the return on your capital and time invested into planning services is nearly impossible when you don't know what is or isn't working.  It's our goal to track and measure elements of both the process as well as the plan results

Unified User Experience (UUX)


Advisors and clients benefit from a common Data Gathering, Analysis, Presentation & Client Portal.  We've built PTH to accomplish this with Hub Partners and we're working on our 1st Hub Connection now for post Version 1.