THe PTH Team


Chadwick W. Blythe

Founder - Chief Executive Officer


Richard Flaherty

Co-Founder - Chief Software Architect


Eric Harrell

Co-Founder - Chief Technology Officer

about chad

Chadwick W. Blythe, MBA

After finishing school at Radford University and Virginia Tech, Chad's first job was with a small technology firm about to release its first version of what would become the industries leading financial planning software.  Chad was hired in technology to test and research, but he quickly became the companies first support and  then sales person, eventually creating and running one of the industries most successful sales departments.

After working with a few other financial planning software companies and non-planning technology through consulting, Chad started PlantechHub in 2018.   He currently lives in Richmond, VA with his wife, daughter, dog and too many cats! 

About Richard

Richard Flaherty

Richard began his career in Technology as an intern with Circuit City while a junior at Randolph-Macon College.  He continued working there for several years after graduating.  There he honed his skills in designing, developing, and maintaining software while working on a variety of real-time payment/redemption systems.  Since then, Richard has worked in both the private and public sectors across different industries, roles, and tools/technologies with a constant goal of solving problems through technology in a way that is scalable and maintainable.

Richard teamed up with Chad and began building Plantech Hub in 2018.  He currently lives in Glen Allen, VA with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.

About Eric

Eric Harrell

From early on, Eric has always held the desire to make analysis and problem solving a career.  After completing study at Virginia Tech, Eric joined a small technology firm to develop what would become an industry leading financial planning software.  Working in development and design, Eric’s primary focus was on designing background calculations and ongoing refinement of the planning philosophy delivered by the software.

Having spent the majority of his career involved in the design of financial planning software, Eric decided to pursue other industries, including healthcare, where he led a team that delivered large scale insurance customer portals.  These portals continue to provide a platform for customer solutions addressing commercial and Medicare insurance customer needs.  Eric has most recently worked with a large brokerage and bank to provide design and support for straight through processing applications, and deep, enterprise-wide integration with newly, on-boarded vendor financial planning applications.