How do I purchase PlantechHub?

Create a Free Trial, which is your account if you chose to stay with PlantechHub.  From your  Trial, while signed in, go to the Global Menu, which is three vertical dots at the top right of the page.  Click on My Account, and then click on the button "Manage Subscription".

Is there a limit as to how many households I can add?

No.  PTH is the ideal prospecting tool, thus we want to encourage you to use it as much as possible. 

Is there a charge for Support Staff to have their own logins?

No.  It's not logical.  We're moving deeper into a digital world and want to encourage you to setup your support staff so that everything can be compliantly recorded.

Will the price change?

Yes.  Just like any subscription based software, we plan to add more to PlantechHub, thus we'll eventually charge more.  However, our pricing will always be awesome!

Do you have monthly or per household pricing?

Not at the moment, but we will be adding monthly pricing shortly and then pricing per household down the road as an option.  When we do add Monthly, it will be $50 a month or $600 annually.  We will keep $550 (a $50 discount for those that pay in advance).

Are we charged for advisors that don't use the software?

We don't want to overcharge you....we want to undercharge you.. per Advisor.  Many firms have advisors that will never touch PTH in creation or presentation of the plan, but they participate in other areas that directly increase the usage of our software.  We use a combination of firm websites and SEC/FINRA registration information to spot check our customers.  We're more than happy to discuss if you are uncertain.